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The Swedish Parties

Sweden is ruled by an elected government and the swedish parliament. We don’t have a president, but a prime minister, who is the leader of the government. The parliament consists of 349 members and their duties range from founding and modifying laws to the state budget. Sweden has a monarch but the king, Carl XVI Gustaf, has no political power whatsoever.

The government is elected every 4 years, the third Sunday in September. Depending of how many votes the parties get, they receive a number of seats within the parliament. A party must get at least 4% of the total votes to get accepted into the parliament. The party or group of parties that get the majority forms the government.

The Swedish government consists of two ‘blocks’, the red and blue block. The former consists of the Social Democrats (S) and the Left Wing party (V), and the latter has the Liberal People’s party (FP), the Centre party (C), the Moderate party (M) and the Christian Democrats. There is also the Green party, but they claim to be outside of the blocks. They are currently working together with the red block.

Recently the Swedish Democrats (SD) made it into the parliament, causing instability within the Swedish Government as no one wants to cooperate  with the so called racist party. The Swedish Democrats are an extreme right party.

Sources: Wikipedia article on Swedish on Politics

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