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Geography & Climate

Northern lights

The climate in Sweden varies a lot depending on your location. If you happen to find yourself in the northern parts in Sweden, you are going to be very cold and if you travel to the southern parts it’s likely a lot more warmer. An interesting thing about the the northern parts is the sun, during the summer it doesn’t set for about 30 days and during the winter it doesn’t rise for about a month.

A lot of people would think that Sweden is a cold and snowy country as you can find it far up in the north, but that’s in fact false. It’s not the warmest country in the world, but it sure isn’t anywhere near the coldest. Sweden is a bit between a cold and a warm country. The southern part of  Sweden lies in the sub-tropical and polar-zone on the north side of the equator and the temperature can rise up to 35° Celsius during the summer, which is nothing compared to the warmer countries around the world. In the winter it has never gone below -30° and that is nowhere close to the coldest countries around the globe. However, the global warming can change everything, as it threatens to disrupt the northern Gulf Steam, which is the sole reason we’re having such a warm climate.

Sweden has a total area of 449’964 square kilometers and around 10% of this area is covered with lakes. The northern parts of the country has a chain of snow-tipped mountains and huge plains in between. Southern Sweden however, has an absence of mountains and is mostly filled with plains. The western coast, mainly the region Bohuslän, is quite famous for its granite.

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