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Pre-school children


The Swedish educational system

Already from age seven children can be offered a place in pre-school, which often helps the children integrate studying in their lives. The year before children start mandatory school, the children are offered a place in a pre-school class, which combines the learning-methods of the pre-school with those of mandatory school. Between ages 7 and 16, children attend the mandatory middle grade, which is then divided in three stages. Ages from 7 to 10 , then 10 to 13 and lastly 13 to 16 respectively. The school year in Sweden runs from August to June. The Christmas holiday from mid-December to early January divides the Swedish school year into two terms.

The majority of schools in Sweden are communally-run, but there are also publicly-funded schools. The education in these free-schools has many objectives in common with the communally run school, but they can have an orientation that differs from that of the communal schools.

Sweden have a rather simple (perhaps too simple) grading system. There are three grades currently in use: Pass (godkänd – G), Pass with distinction (Väl godkänd – VG) and Pass with special distinction (Mycket väl godkänd – MVG). The grades are referred to by their abbreviation.

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